Call us at +6012-385 8551 for any enquiry on Kicapi Production Aerial Work services. We do aerial footage capturing for drama, film, corporate video, landscape surveying, real estate and many more.

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Tips while playing the video below: Put setting on HD to enjoy the real deal ok.



This is 2015 and 2016 best compilation of our Aerial Footage. Please contact us if you are interested in achieving similar aerial greatness with Kicapi Production Aerial Service.





Enjoy our short teaser on the upcoming documentary work that we did for TV9. This beautiful video is dedicated to all nature lovers.





This is our Aerial Work: Broga at its highest point of view, Breathless! (Even better on 4k resolution setting)





This is one of our Real Estate work that we did for an awesome getaway in Kuantan. Really lovely place to spend time together with your family.




This is some of our early Aerial Work: Do let us know if you are interested in our Aerial Services.