CAME 2.5-15kg Load Pro Camera Steadicam

RM600.00 RM400.00 Per Day

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Product Code: CAME 2.5-15kg Steadicam

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RM 1140.00 for 3 days
RM 1840.00  for 5 days
RM 2520.00  for 7 days

What is included in this RENTAL package

Rental Includes:

1.Steadicam 2.5-15 KG

2.Support vest
3.Support Arm
4.HDMI cable
5.balance weights
6.Battery mount base
7.Monitor mount
8.Docking Plate
9.Battery mount 
10.Aluminum case





  • This is Pro Steadicam for the need of middle and high-end market,End of excessive profit at high-end market steadicam.The Newest Handhend stabilizer inclued lots of newest function, check below:1-  Height of monitor bracket can be adjusted flexibly and be rotated in all direction2-  Head of Baseplate with Power, AV and HDMI connector3- It have low-shooting bracket, you can low-shooting4- It is included Battery supply system with 3 additional lines applied5- the 3 lines built in the carbon fiber post, no worried for attrition