BeLUT -06


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Illuminated by replaceable HIGH-EFFICIENT HIGH-BRIGHTNESS LED light tubes with power output of 100W (Max.), which is equivalent to 1000W on an incandescent one. A great replacement of fluorescent light tubes for more eco-friendly and energy-saving.


3200K/4200K/5600K Color Temp. adjustable, meets the demand for various lighting effects 
Easy to mount onto/detach from a light stand. Screw to tighten/loosen. 
All-in-one PWDK(power control(P), light outputs(W), DMX512 system support(D), color temperature(K)) display control panel 


Model BeLUT-06
Voltage AC 110V-240V
Power 15W*6
Illuminance 2000Lux/1m
Dimension 440*425*95mm
Weight 3.6kg