Pro1200 LED Light + Color Adjustable + Dimmer


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What is included in the package


LED light*1
•   Power cable*1 (AC adapter)
•   SONY V-Mount battery adapter included
•   Filter*3(Diffuser Filter*1,3200K filter*1,CC minus Filter*1)

Product Highlights

This model color temperature is adjustable step-less and dimmer brightness 10%-100%.
•   The 1200 LED uses 1200 ultra bright and when you adjust the screw at the back of lamps,  the 5500K LED and 3200K LED will mix there color,  in this way     you can adjust color step-less from 3200K — 5500K.
•   The 1200 LED lights has a 30 degree beam angle lens that directs light forward.
•   LED lights are ideal for location work because they are virtually shockproof and offer the brightest light in the smallest form factor.
•   Patented heat exchange design ensures a longer LED life. LEDs give off virtually no heat so they are ideal for use in small confined areas where hot lights         would quickly heat up the room.
•   Voltage :  AC 200-240V/50Hz, AC 100-120V/60Hz or DC 10-27V
•   LED Number :  1200
•   Light size :  16”x12”x2”
•   Weight:   7 lbs
•   Dimmable:  Yes
•   Color Adjustable:  Yes (3200K -5500K)