Pro600 HS LED Light


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What is included in the package


LED light*1
•   Power cable*1
•   Filter*3(Diffuser Filter*1,3200K filter*1,CC minus Filter*1)
•   Be able to use 12V power pack power source
•   Can add RM 80 .00 for a wired remote control for dimmer
•   Or RM 300.00 for wireless remote control for dimmer

Product Highlights

This 600 LED uses 600 ultra bright, 5500K LED’s and has an equivalent output of 900 watts of incandescent light yet draws about 36 watts.
•   The 5500K daylight / 3200K tungsten balanced LEDs offer a full spectrum, beautifully soft light.
•  The 600 LED lights has a 30 degree beam angle lens that directs light forward.
•  This beam angle creates a beam pattern that is useful from 1 – 16 feet.
•   LED lights are ideal for location work because they are virtually shockproof and offer the brightest light in the smallest form factor.
•   Providing CC(Green)-Minus filter to meet exactly 5500K for LED
•   Patented heat exchange design ensures a longer LED life
•   Voltage :  AC200-240V/50Hz,AC100-120V/60Hz
•   LED Number :  600
•   Light size :  30x30x5cm
•   Weight:   6.5 lbs (2.95kg)
•   Dimmable:  Yes